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At G A M S & Associate LLP we approach audit with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate, and the latest regulatory standards. We consider the risks your company faces, the way management controls these risks and the transparency of your company's reporting to stakeholders.


At G A M S & Associate LLP conducts internal audit and assessment based on the management requirement and keeping in view that the end result of an internal audit is no longer limited to focusing on the processes and controls surrounding financial reporting. Internal audit now has a more strategic role. It can create value by identifying enterprise-wide risks, leveraging synergies, monitoring and providing early warning of new risks; and improving processes/ efficiency.The goal of internal audits is to assist the board and managers to investigate and re-examine any problems in internal controls and to judge operational results. Audits also provide constructive suggestions to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of internal control systems.


Internal Control Systems and SOPs Development


At G A M S the team has exposure to set up internal control systems and draft the standard operating procedures. Internal control systems are a set of procedures and policies designed to provide checks and cross checks, prevent errors, fraud and manipulations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a major component of any business model. SOPs act as the process book that describes a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action. Standard Operating Procedures describe how processes are to be executed and detail the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process.

A. Income Tax Resident


  1. Individual
    • Returns
  2. Business Entities
    • Assessments
  3. Society & Charitable Trust
    • Appeals
    • Registration
    • Certification
    • Tax Planning
    • Income Taxable at Special Rate

B. Income Tax Non-Resident


  • Expatriate
  • OECD Regulation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Treaty Interpretation
  • Non-Incorporated foreign entity operating in India
  • Indian Branches operating overseas
  • Non-Resident Indian

C. Litigation, Legal Support & Arbitration


  • Commercial Input
  • Expert Witness
  • Technical Collaboration Agreements
  • Family Settlements


  • Registration
  • Selection of software
  • Planning for head office
  • Optimization of Input credit
  • Agreement wetting from GST Perspective
  • Related Party Transaction
  • GST Assessments
  • Business Restructuring / Expansion
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Private Equity
  • Buyout / Merger & Acquisition
  • Start-ups
  • Technical Tie-ups
  • SME / Main Bourses / Overseas exchanges – Support Services Valuation Assessment

  • Income Tax
  • Company Law
  • FEMA
  • Labour Laws
  • GST
  • Legal Metrology
  • Factory Act/Shops & Establishment Act
  • PoSH
  • Competition Commission
  • Transaction Execution

  • Incorporation of Company/LLP
  • Approvals from ROC/RD/Ministry
  • Managerial Remuneration
  • Related Party Transaction
  • Preferential/Right Issue
  • Independent Director Services

  • Entry into India
  • Setting up of business outside India
  • ECB
  • Equity Induction
  • Prohibited Transactions
  • Transaction requiring prior approval
  • Compounding of offence
  • Permission of Central Govt and respective Ministry, If applicable
  • Filing of various Returns and Forms with Authorised Dealer

Under the book keeping services our aim is to help clients maintain its books of accounts in compliance with all regulatory frameworks. Our team of specialised accounting personnel carry out the activity as per requirement of the client and its business. The objectives and deliverables are defined in consultation by the clients and includes setting up of - Chart of Accounts, Cost Centres and Budgets.


The book-keeping services can be further broken down into -


  • Account Receivable & Account Payable services
  • Revenue Management
  • Annual Accounts and Balance sheet Preparation finalisation
  • Banking Operation, Cash Management solution (Except acting as signatory to bank account)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Chart of Accounts & Accounting Manual

In order to lend support to our clients in performing Financial & Accounting activities in a systematic and efficient manner, we provide skilled manpower. Some of the activities covered in this module include -


  • TDS Reconciliation
  • GST Reconciliation
  • Preparation and Filing of Tax Return
  • PF and ESI related activities
  • Company Secretarial Matter
  • Fixed Assets Recording
  • Physical Verification
  • Preparation of Monthly MIS
  • Preparation of Annual Budgets

  • Industrial Approval
  • Exim policy related matter
  • Approval from Central/State administrative Ministry
  • Technical Collaboration agreements

  • NCLT
  • Resolution Process
  • Scheme Formulation
  • Settlement